Custom footwear soles, since 1978

Suolificio Morrovallese - Suole Personalizzate


Designing by standing out

From prototype to production, every stage is handled in-house by our team with careful research and continuous solutions.
We closely follow the dynamism and creativity of footwear companies to deliver prototypes and samples at the base of their shoes.
We have millimetric attention to detail, realizing especially in the initial stage of the production process of a sole, a flawless prototype.


Accuracy and creativity

The production of high-quality soles requires expertise and experience at every stage of the process.
We always maintain a constant balance between the manufacturing experience of the employees and the reliability of the innovative equipment used to have high quality in service and product.
Lightness, flexibility, adaptability, comfort… we study our proposals for a wide variety of footwear types according to the technical characteristics required by the customer.

Suolificio Morrovallese - Suole Personalizzate
Suolificio Morrovallese - Suole Personalizzate


Point processes and control

Automated production processes with manual support offer a unique and timely manufacturing experience.
Productions for continuous all-season models are mixed with fantastic ideas for future summer and winter seasons, between customized and unconventional soles to mass-produced products.
Production control comes through monitoring resources and processes, but it also means intervening in real time to optimize them.

Magic is something you make

When craftsmanship and technology come together for a highly personalized result.

“Sole after sole, with care and attention, we realize an idea that becomes an integral and fundamental part of footwear.
Customizing a product is a balance of ideas, analysis and attention to detail, a union of craftsmanship and technological support.

Our mission is to offer quality shoe funds to our customers with competent and personalized service.

Our range of soles made from the highest quality materials embraces men, women and children. Each technical solution is designed to ensure maximum comfort and well-being for the foot. Sole types range from pure leather to combinations with TPU, synthetics, rubber, micro tunit, and more.