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The production of Made in Italy shoe soles is a very complex process, which begins with the creation of a base of custom designs, produced according to the customer’s needs. Once the designs are created, the company proceeds with the creation of prototypes, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques.

  • Traditional Methods

  • Technological innovation

  • Attention to details

Suolificio Morrovallese - Design e Progettazione Suole

Our History

Suolificio Morrovallese - Design e Progettazione Suole
Suolificio Morrovallese - Design e Progettazione Suole
Suolificio Morrovallese - Design e Progettazione Suole
Impeccable Design

a perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology

Each custom-made sole is the result of meticulous technique and unparalleled precision, thanks to the craftsmanship of master shoemakers. The combination of traditional craftsmanship skills with the latest technological innovations enables the production of high-quality soles.

High Quality

Stands out for its attention to detail, which is evident in every workmanship, giving the Made in Italy touch to the final product.


The technology used in sole production enables a highly precise and efficient process, reducing waste and improving quality.


Ours is a well-defined technical process that can be adapted as needed.


Our company follows a structured process involving several departments, from prototype and preparation, to cutting and production, to shipping. Each stage boasts experienced professionals and advanced technical knowledge.


State-of-the-art cutting machines and pantographs, which enable precision, efficiency, and the creation of sophisticated designs, ensure a high-quality product in a short time frame.


The in-house modeling department is the creative heart of the sole mill, where ideas and designs for soles take shape, combining technique and care to support the project.

Manufacturing line

The company can handle an industrial production of soles with various models, thanks to an efficient production line and highly skilled personnel.

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